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New steps

4A different set of steps – ideal for our bed which is quite high. You can see Jack immediately made the connection between these and the other smaller steps. We caught him using them earlier today – without even being…Read More…

Dog named Sofia leg amputation recovery

4What a beautiful three legged dog, I met today named Sofia. Sofia had arthritis so bad that her owner had to have her leg amputated. Guys, you can also follow me at

Cornell University Study Says Hemp Oil Works For Dogs In Pain

4Did you know hemp oil works for dogs who are in pain with such problems like arthritis and bad hips. A new Cornell University study shows how hemp CBD works for dogs, read this

arthritis diet for dogs


Dogs in Strollers

4.5Hey Yall! I had to show you this sweet video that I titled dogs in strollers. I went to a petsitting gig this morning and took care of Bella and Coby. Coby does need the stroller because he has arthritis….Read More…

Passive Range of Motion; Canine Hind Limb

4.5Canine Physical Rehabilitation Tutorial of passive range of motion of the canine hind limb.

CBD Oil for dogs

4Unfortunately about 3 years ago Czr was injured at a Vet during a blood test. They had taken him out of the room to administer & he came back limping. I didn’t think much about it at the time as…Read More…

Best Dog Food Arthritis Review 2018

4Buy the top dog food arthritis reviews in 2018. Link =

Homemade CBD Cream for Dogs and Cats

4 If your dog or cat has arthritic pain, or inflamed skin from an allergy, then you can help that at home with this easy to make CBD cream. Exactly what to do, with precise steps. Share this video and…Read More…