What's Martha Stewart Putting in Her Dog Toys? A Secret Recipe Cheddar, the Pug, is Nutty For!
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What’s Martha Stewart Putting in Her Dog Toys? A Secret Recipe Cheddar, the Pug, is Nutty For!

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What’s Martha putting in her new dog toys? I swear Martha Stewart’s hidden one of her famous recipes into her new line of dog toys. Our little pug, Cheddar, is obsessed with Martha’s dog toys. Cheddar has never gone this batty for a dog toy before, and as soon as we brought home the blue bird and bumble bee she has been preoccupied with them. When we got the toys, unbeknown to us they made noises; yet Cheddar discovered that immediately with the chirping bird and buzzing bee. Cheddar is a rescue pug we adopted about a year ago, and she has moments of hyperactivity and anxiety; where we get her toys and other things to help calm her down and get energy out. Martha’s toys were a new treat for her, and we had no idea how much she would love them. She, especially, loves the blue bird and takes it with her outside to lay in the sun and inside to sleep with (watch video). Every time it chirps, Cheddar goes nutty and howls, barks and hops around with the occasional pug head-tilt. We also love these dog toys, because they distract Cheddar from any arthritis she may be experiencing; when she was found as a stray, unfortunately, she was in poor health with a knee that required surgery and other ailments. Most likely, Cheddar was used as a breeding dog and she probably had a couple of litters before she was rescued. Anything we can do to make Cheddar happy and comfortable, we love! Around 3:00 minutes into the video, you’ll see a howl. Thanks Martha for creating dog toys that keep our pug as “busy as a bee!”