what can i give my dog for arthritis
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what can i give my dog for arthritis

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Sasha used herbs and supplements as an alternative treatment for canine arthritis treatment at home. Stem cells will be next osteoarthritis treatment if his herbal treatment stops working.

Watch out for vets who only give pain medication like COX2 inhibitors! There are supplements and herbs that can rebuild cartilage or stop it’s breakdown while also downregulating COX2. You owe your dog a vet up to speed on their reading.

The next main thing as an at home arthritis treatment for your dog is high repetition low-load movement. That can be swimming or passive joint manipulation. I forgot to emphasize it in the video, but you should recondition the arthritic joints with supplements for a few months BEFORE building muscle with exercise. Until that happens, use passive joint manipulation only.

Don’t use corticosteroid injections. Helps for a bit, breaks down joint tissue later.

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