Water Treadmill for Dogs As a Form of Therapy
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Water Treadmill for Dogs As a Form of Therapy

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A veterinarian installs a water treadmill for dogs.

Dog therapy is getting increasingly complicated.

A veterinarian in Regina, Canada has installed a water treadmill in her clinic.

The goal is to provide canines with an alternative, rehabilitation therapy process. Housed inside of a tank-like contraption that fills with water, the treadmill resides inside.

As it is filling with liquid, the exercise machine begins to move and a dog is placed inside. The female veterinarian claims many of her clients are excited to use the new addition.

She says “”It’s not just a dog. It’s their pet and it’s their family member.” The water is said to create resistance while taking pressure off of joints, helping to relive pain the long run. It can also be used to help overweight animals lose weight.

The clinic hopes cats will also utilize the treadmill in the future.

Recently, a 4-year-old female continental giant rabbit named Heidi underwent hydrotherapy treatments. She had previously been diagnosed with arthritis in her hips and suffered joint issues in her neck causing the rabbit severe pain.
Decked out in a bright orange life vest, she has been doing the hydrotherapy sessions in a heated pool in Hampshire, United Kingdom