Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About Boxer Dog Breed - Boxer Dogs
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Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About Boxer Dog Breed – Boxer Dogs

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The boxer dogs breed are the sixth most popular breed of dog in the United States, and for good reason, boxer puppies are strong, energetic, and loving dogs that make great companions and watchdogs.

10, Because the white boxer dog breed are easily trainable, strong, and energetic, Boxer dogs used to be popular performers in the circus.

9, The now-extinct ancestor of the boxer dog, the Bullenbeisser, was used to hunt wild boar and stag.

8, boxer puppies became popular in the United States after WWII when soldiers brought them home as pets.

7, A boxer puppy has floppy ears and long tails, but are often cropped and docked.

6, One of the funnier facts about boxer dogs is that they are known to snore, and loudly at that.

5 Boxer dogs often have white markings, but if more than a third of their body is white, they are called white Boxers.

4, The boxer dog waas developed in Germany and were often used there as police dogs.

3, Female Boxer dogs are generally much more hyper and the males are more laid back.

2, Boxers make good guard dogs because they are very friendly and gentle with people they know, but are wary of strangers.

1, The boxer dog breed have a bad rap for being headstrong, but they are very loyal and loving dogs, and want to please their masters,

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