Three-Legged Dog Has Obesity Epidemic or Overweight
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Three-Legged Dog Has Obesity Epidemic or Overweight

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Fat is poor stray dog who lost a back leg after being hit by car two years ago that had been treated and adopted by villager where he was born.

Now his condition is just like a dead dog, he was hit by obesity epidemic or caused by high blood pressure, “crippling arthritis,” diabetes and some cancers.

His body won’t stop swelling up and they also try giving him smaller and smaller portions of his regular food and he kept gaining and kept gaining.

However, he gets good care from veterinarians and they also put him on an underwater treadmill that he could do exercise with hope he will lose weight.

We hope he will get better soon and lost weight becomes a normal dog who will be able to play just like other dogs on his wheelchair.

Courtesy: ประทุมศีรี ธรรมรัตน์