This all-natural supplement helped Layla's dog hip and joint pain!
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This all-natural supplement helped Layla’s dog hip and joint pain!

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🐾”That’s my dog Layla. She’s been taking VetSmart for a little of a year now, and because she’s been taking it she has the agility and the energy to run like she does. When she first started taking it she couldn’t run from here to there, or in fast spurts. I’m super grateful because it’s a natural supplement, it’s something that my dog totally loves, and it’s not chemicals, it’s not anything that artificial that’s going into my dog’s body. My dog means everything to me. And if you’re a dog owner and a dog lover then I believe the same is for you. So if your dog it taking awhile to go on long hikes, or can’t really jump on the couch anymore, or doesn’t really have the spunk and is hurting… and the hips are hurting, I’m always recommending VetSmart. Hopefully you enjoy the video of my dog Layla running and enjoying her life thanks to the wonderful product!” – Zan C.
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