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Pet Care – How to Start a Business Breeding Dogs – Bhola Shola

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Pet Care – How to Start a Business Breeding Dogs
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Pet Care is a pet awareness initiative by Harwinder Grewal. Who is an owner of Grewal Pet Shop and Farm, Main Road, Adampur. In this video, he tells about How to Start a Business Breeding Dogs in the Hindi Language.

1. Most dog breeders will go and focus on the dogs principally, if not exclusively. This is why, whenever you ask them if they make a profit, they tell you “of course not” and they cannot even fathom the idea of being bad at business.

2. By saying you want to produce genetically-healthy dogs but also become a great salesperson and sell them for more money than most people do (because you can!), they would almost think worse about you than about multinationals.

3. This is why dog breeding for beginners can be hard and many will give up. In a way, those who give up shouldn’t even start in the first place. A lot of new breeders don’t realize that breeding dogs means caring for newborn puppies, visit the vet even more, and spending a hell of a lot more money than when you just have a single pet at home. We’ve got some tips on how to stop losing money when breeding dogs.

4. This was not meant to be a post here but my fingers could not stop so I am going to give you those five steps that until now, kept you away from your dream to turn your passion for dogs into a profitable and responsible business.

5. Well, you get the spirit, there are thousands of questions you will need to ask yourself and then answer, in all honesty. If you are happy with this, then, go ahead and write a dog breeding business plan, or at least, an executive summary.

6. Even if you do not need external funds, writing your own business plan will help you understand what are your objectives, if they are financially realistic and how you will get there. We have an ebook on how to write your own dog breeding business plan, that you can buy separately from The Dog Breeder’s Handbook.

7. Once your are clear with your plan, it is time for the action to start. You need to confirm the breed you want to work with and find your founding dogs, meet breeders, start building your dog spaces at home, buy the beddings, kennel disinfectants and buy all the supplies you will need.

8. Here you are, the last step. Now you’ve spent so much time, money and effort, you must achieve with a high! Promote your litter before you have it, try to build a waiting list so your value increases and your stress decreases!

9. Use all the channels you can to let the world know you have amazing puppies coming up: Facebook, classified ads, friends, online forums, dog breed club, former clients, other breeders and anybody you have the email of!

10. The more requests you have, the more the price will rise so spend day and night reaching out to people to promote your litter. Don’t harass or spam but be present, be visible, be known.

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