Pet Arthritis Products - Education on Arthritis in dogs
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Pet Arthritis Products – Education on Arthritis in dogs

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Pet Arthritis education series on pain relief products for dogs. This video covers topical pain relief options and tips on ways to keep your pet pain free.
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There is a variety of pet arthritis products available in the market. For dogs and cats, the arthritis products provide a comfortable solution and can help to treat the damaged joint cartilage in many ways.

Joint supplements: There are many joint supplements available in the market that can help to rebuild the cartilage and provide strength to the damaged joints. Ingredients in the canine joint supplements such as the combination of glucose and amino acid called as glucosamine or perna mussel and other related products can help greatly.

Anti-inflammatory medications: There are many NSAIDs for arthritis that can relieve inflammation in dog’s joints. There are a number of prescribed and non-prescribed medicines that can help to reduce arthritis in dogs.

• Vetrin Canine Aspirin: This drug is self prescribed by most of the pet owners and reduces inflammation effectively. This drug can be used with nutritional supplements for better results.
• Prescribed NSAIDs: These drugs have stronger efficacy then non-prescribed drugs. They may contain drugs like Carprofen and Etodolac, etc.
• Anti-inflammatory supplements: Oral fatty acid supplements can be used to treat arthritis in dogs. Duralactin, is another product that is extracted from cow’s milk and can be used to treat arthritis in dogs effectively.

Apart from medicines, there are some physical aids that can help and support the dog in movement. Among these the orthopedic dog beds, sweaters or jackets and dog harness can help greatly. Other products that can help the dog while eating and drinking water is elevated dog feeders and raised water coolers, comfort lift carriers, and ramps and steps for helping the dogs to jump.

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