Natural Treatment For Dogs With Arthritis
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Natural Treatment For Dogs With Arthritis

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Natural Treatment For Dogs With Arthritis

I would like to commend you on searching for the natural treatment for dogs with arthritis. Why? Because this way can be the most effective and the most gentle way (not to mention the most economic) to fully restore vitality to a suffering dog.

Mainstream vets will tell you there is no cure for arthritis in dogs, or in anyone. Their training was more or less focused on matching a drug to a condition.

Holistic practitioners think very differently. As a homeopath, my main area to consider when presented with anyone with any condition is to try to find the cause.

With some conditions, and arthritis is one of them, the cause is not immediately obvious. Often it takes months, even years for the arthritis to develop, so most people don’t connect the dots. You have to be trained to see cause and effect and then see the solutions in action.

All diseases, all ailments, whether they are acute or chronic, as well as how we all, dogs included, respond to them, is down to the health of our immune system. In today’s climate where money is king, where corporations rule, it can sometimes be hard to see the truth.

The health of our immune system, and so of our overall health, is of paramount importance. Dogs are no different. When the immune system is operating as it should, no one contracts any disease, or only mildly.

So it’s easy to see most dogs have very poorly functioning immune systems. How can you improve on that, so the arthritis goes away?

It’s vital to understand what supports and so what destroys, an immune system.

In my understanding, there are three main areas. There are others, but these are the most important ones.


Todays typical dog food diet is almost exclusively commercial dog food. Yet when you take each one of the ingredients listed and research them, you can be forgiven for being horrified. The fact is commercial dog food is not healthy or nutritious food for dogs. So most dogs are starving for nutrients.

The second area to consider is toxicity. Toxins are everywhere, but some are more influential than others, so it’s important to avoid the most damaging ones. What are they and how do you avoid them?

Genes do definitely play a part is what particular expression ill health takes. But it is not the cause of the problem. It is merely the way it is expressed. Joints, along with the heart, is where dogs weak link rests, so these areas are the most likely areas of expression. Use them as a guide as to how well your dog’s immune system is working.

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