Mt Pleasant SC Adequan Treatment for Pets with Arthritis or Osteoarthritis
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Mt Pleasant SC Adequan Treatment for Pets with Arthritis or Osteoarthritis

Visit for more info here: Adequan controls pet arthritis and osteoarthritis. It is so painful to watch your pet struggle through regular motions knowing that it is caused by pain. We get asked about this at Mount Pleasant SC Animal Hospital and Shuler Veterinary Clinic Mt Pleasant SC almost daily. Humans deal with arthritis and osteoarthritis very effectively through medication and physical therapy. It is time we do the same for our housemates.

Enter Adequan.

This video is a crystal clear example of the effectiveness Adequan. This video shows the “before” and “after” stair climb of Indigo. Indigo received Adequan treatment, a polysulfated glucosaminoglycan used to safely and effectively manage osteoarthritis in cats and dogs.

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Adequan treatment consists of a loading period of eight adequan injections under the skin over a four week time period, followed by single booster injections every 1-6 months, depending on the degree of osteoarthritis pain the pet is experiencing. The goal is to improve joint health, thereby reducing pain and improving your pet’s quality of life.

Some signs of pet arthritis are:
Sluggishness in your dog or cat
General low-level activity in your pet
Pet’s reluctance to walk, run, climb stairs, jump onto counters (cats), or play
Your dog lagging behind on walks that you did not notice before
Any limp noticed in your dog or cat in normal activity
Change of behavior to aggressive or withdrawn for your dog or cat

If you see one or more of these signs, ask your Mount Pleasant South Carolina veterinarian to check your pet. Your dog or cat may be helped by Adequan treatments.

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