LICORICE for DOGS! (Benefits, risks, cautions) Plus Root Tea Recipe
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LICORICE for DOGS! (Benefits, risks, cautions) Plus Root Tea Recipe

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Did you know that LICORICE ROOT is a wonderful anti-inflammatory/ pain reliever for dogs?!

The root’s medicinal properties help soothe:
inflammation and pain in joints due to arthritis
Digestive and upper respiratory issues
Liver health/ detoxification
Allergies and skin irritations when used topically

All these benefits without compromising their immune systems unlike vet grade corticosteroids.

Use as a tincture, tea, salve or oil infusion.

Mixes well with Dandelion Leaf which is a diuretic and adds dietary potassium.

*DO NOT give licorice to diabetic, pregnant or nursing dogs, or those with heart or liver disease.
*DO NOT use “candy licorice” – USE organic root, dried root or powder! Check your local Herbiary, Co Op or healthy hippie store.
*DO NOT administer for over 2 weeks. You MUST take a couple weeks break in between! Consult your vet otherwise.
*DO NOT sprinkle directly onto dogs food, their bodies will not absorb the nutrients and healing qualities.
*DO send me 0 lol because ya girl needs more licorice root.



boil the water, then pour into a mug and allow the root to seep for 5 minutes. Remove tea strainer and place mug in fridge to cool for 10 minutes before letting your fur babies drink up (:

I give my 55lb baby 1/2 cup at a time, not to exceed 1 cup throughout the day… But hey, I ain’t a vet. So figure out what works best for ya and let me know (:

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