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Learn About Dog Arthritis at PET | TAO Pet School – Marc Smith DVM

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PET | TAO Holistic Pet Products co-founder and practicing veterinarian Marc Smith, DVM:

So you’ve got an older large breed dog and he can’t stand up because his hind legs hurt him, or he drags his feet, or he won’t go up the stairs. Doesn’t really have to be a large dog, but they’re the most common. A lot of times those dogs have dog arthritis. Arthritis in the knees is real common, in the hips, in the lower back, because all of those joints are tied together.

If you want to know what you can do to help your pet with dog arthritis, then I’ve got just the thing you need: The Pet Owner’s Guide to Treating Dog Arthritis. In this book you can find at home remedies, you can find pharmaceutical remedies, you can find things you can do to the food, you can find out what causes arthritis. Most importantly, you will empower yourself and educate yourself on ways that you can help your ailing best friend. It’s pretty simple and it’s straightforward.

If you want to learn how to do it, download our free ebook, the Pet Owner’s Guide to Dog Arthritis, and empower yourself to learn how you can help your best friend that’s suffering the pain and affliction of dog arthritis.

Free Guide: https://pettao.com/pet-owners-guide-dog-arthritis/

Marc Smith, DVM owns and operates veterinary clinics in Nashville, TN and Franklin, TN http://www.franklintnvet.com. Dr. Smith is also co-founder of PET | TAO Holistic Products http://www.pettao.com.