Laser Therapy - Video Testimonial on Canine Arthritis - Tampa, FL
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Laser Therapy – Video Testimonial on Canine Arthritis – Tampa, FL

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Gandy Animal Hospital is proud to offer the newest in pain management and overall pet well-being. Call our office to learn more about this very-affordable and amazing technology!

Laser Therapy is an FDA-cleared modality that reduces inflammation and that results in pain reduction.

Laser Therapy is effective in treating acute pain, chronic conditions, and post-operative pain.

Laser therapy treatment is safe, painless and fast.

Treatments to deeper tissues are administered in 5 to 10 minutes. Typically, even chronic patients exhibit improvement after 3 to 5 treatment sessions. Laser therapy utilizes the body’s own healing powers by stimulating cellular activity.

Despite short treatment times, laser therapy treatments initiate a healing process that continues to actively reduce inflammation for up to 24 hours after treatment.

Laser therapy is a clinically proven modality in both human and veterinary medicine.

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Video Provided by LiteCure, LLC/Companion Laser Therapy