Laser Therapy Protocol: Osteoarthritis | ACTIVet PRO
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Laser Therapy Protocol: Osteoarthritis | ACTIVet PRO

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Quickly and easily treat one of the most common animal conditions, osteoarthritis, using the ACTIVet PRO super pulsed laser.

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Video transcript:
Hi, Mark Strong back with you. Let’s talk about osteoarthritis. Typically that is the biggest demographic of any companion animal practice as these dogs age, especially Goldens, they are very susceptible to arthritis, as you know, so chances are you have a lot of animals in your practice with arthritis, both dogs and cats.

So first do the unwind protocol at 1,000 Hz to provide pain relief, and then let’s go to the affected joints. We want to use 50 Hertz with those to reduce the inflammation. So set it up at 50 Hz for the ACTIVet PRO, press select and then we can talk about the time. We’ll set that up for 10 minutes so that we can treat a large area at once, and just press to start.

Again, you’re seeing the visible red, the 640 nm visible red wavelength. And then also the 875 nm broadband and the 905 nm super pulsed laser. These are all working very synergistically together. So we’ll work over these hips and just give it some light compression. One of the beautiful things about our super pulse laser is there is no thermal overloading of the tissues, so you’re quite free to press against those tissues, move blood and fat out of the way and get right into those joints.

Oftentimes we can get them to roll over a little bit. We’ll treat radially around that joint, and then with one arm we’ll just simply flex the leg a little bit so we can get into those articular surfaces because it feels so good. Tolerance is really beautiful. So we just flex that joint, get inside those surfaces where the inflammation lives. Treating radially around each joint and repeat on the other side.

Even if there’s arthritis only on one side, of course which is unusual, but in all cases we want to treat bilaterally. There will be compensation taking place as they get older, so we want to treat bilaterally always.

But it’s just that simple to work on osteoarthritis with the 50 Hz. Gently flexing the joint radially around that joint to get that energy right inside.