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Keep Biscuits Happy

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we’re raising money for our bulldog who needs surgery and physical therapy because of a torn ACL. it’s been tough to see him in pain and unable to play the way he usually does! each day that goes by he is more likely to injure his other leg and plays less and less.
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all dog lovers know the joy of a happy dog. it’s been our pleasure to do what it takes to make sure Biscuits stays happy and healthy. many people think bulldogs are lazy, but Biscuits is the opposite. not only does he love adventures and meeting new humans & dogs, but he has a heart of gold and a real love for life.

english bulldogs continue to suffer from knee and hip problems as they age. many have attributed those problems to their bulllies being overweight and lazy. while we believed over the years that keeping him lean and active would prevent this common bully issue, he is now enduring pain every day just to play outside. unfortunately it turns out that the more active they are the more prone they are to knee and hip problems.

as i dive deeper into the research and experience out there with these bullies, I’m discovering that it is likely Biscuits has suffered from chronic pain and arthritis off and on since he was a puppy. and yet, happy he’s been all along and brought so much happiness to friends, family, and strangers from all over the world.

it turns out that while we are falling in love with bulldogs everyday in America, we are still learning about this precious & noble breed.

we commit as a pack to keep learning about english bulldogs and how best to help them enjoy this life.

video by @grnj taken with #GoPro