How To Turn Chicken Feet Into Dog Treats! | Healthy Homemade Dog Treat | Dehydrate Chicken Feet
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How To Turn Chicken Feet Into Dog Treats! | Healthy Homemade Dog Treat | Dehydrate Chicken Feet

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In this Video I show you How to Dehydrate Chicken Feet into Super Easy & healthy homemade dog treat! CLICK SHOW MORE
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Easy Homemade & Organic Dog Treats that are super healthy & super easy to make!
This is a YouTube Video on how to make homemade dog treats by dehydrating chicken feet.

All you need is a dehydrator or you can use you oven, just as long as it can go down on a low setting, & that will be all you need to make your very own simple homemade doggy treats for your pets!!

A while back we were killing time in one of these fancy dancy pet stores, & I ran across some dog treats that caught my eye. It was dehydrated chicken feet, & they were EACH!!

I thought to myself, heck, we process our own chickens here on our homestead, what a great idea for us to do with some of the chicken feet we have left!

Super easy!! Just place them in your dehydrator, set the temp to 160 degrees, & should take 2-4 days….and BOOM…a healthy treat for your Dogs!!!

They make such a great homemade dog treat!!

DIY chicken feet dog treats, so easy to make for any homesteader or for anyone wanting a healthy option for your dog or pets!

Yes, dehydrated chicken bones are safe for your #dog. Cooked bones however are not. Cooked bones are brittle, and will splinter while dehydrated bones are still strong and will break instead of splinter when chewed.
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