How to make CBD THC Cannabis oil to treat Cancer at home
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How to make CBD THC Cannabis oil to treat Cancer at home

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How to make CBD / THC Cannabis oil using only typical items found around most kitchens. Our own experience has shown us that this oil has stopped a cancerous brain tumor growing.
The strain we grow is a 1 to 1 CBD to THC ratio variety of ukcheese, a good strain to grow for making cannabis oil.
The only real custom piece of equipment is the single hot plate used to boil off the isopropyl. This part of the process needs doing outside because of the fumes.
The ammount of time you leave the dry matter in the ispropyl is up to you, the longer you leave it the more waxes, turpenes and other compounds you remove.
Cannabis oil is fast becoming more accepted in the world, a shame that most of the people here in the UK still have their minds in a cave and have chosen to hate on the sick and disabled…. growing cannabis in the UK carries a prison sentence of upto 14 years…..the UK hates people who are sick and disabled….what a terrible thing to able to write in 2015….