HOW To Effectively Cure Your Dog From Cancer. Part 1 and 2
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HOW To Effectively Cure Your Dog From Cancer. Part 1 and 2

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WARNING! Some people against my will advertise on my videos or in comments false methods for “curing cancer” that DO NOT to work!
Do NEVER use these false methods because they will not heal you – they will kill you! Danger!
Why? Because these false methods cannot cure cancer even theoretically!
And here’s my study with explanation – WHY these false methods cannot cure cancer even theoretically?
It’s written in four languages I speak fluently:


Please DO NOT offer here “methods” cancer”cure”! First check my researches at — not to mislead people! Anyone who does it will be banned from channel! Explanation follows:

Not only the chemotherapy but ALL the three known methods of the Predominant medicine, which N. Shevchenko justly calls “inquisitorial”, cannot cure the person – simply because cancer is not a reductionistic phenomenon, it is a holistic phenomenon!
This is why It is impossible — even theoretically!
None of them can remove
– the genetic predisposition of the organism to generate cancer cells!
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clarification in detail – why this is impossible even theoretically!

Furthermore: Chemotherapy (and moreover all of the inquisitorial methods) DO NOT work selectively! – chemotherapy kills not only the sick but also the healthy cells. Often the patient dies not from cancer but from … chemotherapy.

Surgery and radiotherapy also cannot act selectively! It is impossible even in theory – because: In both methods are hurt micro formations (in other words – selectivity is impossible!) and cancer cells die through necrosis (rather than apoptosis) — the result: Active malignancy and metastases!

The therapeutic methodology of Shevchenko works
a) at the cellular level and
b) strictly selectively and with a markedly opposite effect:
– it kills the diseased cells and
– renews and heals the healthy ones – increasing their resistance and the resilience of the whole organism.

Even in 1997 this therapeutic Methodology is presented in Russia
before the State Commission, which
recognizes it an invention and issues patent, registered under No 2075213.

A real-life proof of how this therapy cures cancer FINALLY – you can see from the fact:
– How I cured from cancer, even my dog Dolly!
The one who wants to not hopefully or wishfully, but truly be alive — can easily do the same:
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Save life!


Not only the methods of the dominant medicine can not cure cancer even theoretically! If you type only two (2) “magic” words in YouTube
“cancer cure”
– then you will “discover” thousands of “methods” out there which promise much and deliver NOTHING!

Why? – Because they all focus on killing cancer cells by necrosis! (this is a cell death by external intervention)

1) Any method that kills cancer cells by necrosis, can not cure cancer, even theoretically, but only accelerates the death of the organism – because it activates its defense system = causes the organism to begin to restore those killed cells and to multiply them – and so the organism kills itself by cancer.

2) Only the method of Shevchenko does not kill cells by necrosis but activates the signal apoptosis. Thus it removes cancer cells by a way that is genetically programmed in the very organism – that is internal and natural for it and does not activate the defense system to restore the destroyed cancer cells — so the organism gets cured.
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