How I cure my dog's arthritis pain Naturally!
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How I cure my dog’s arthritis pain Naturally!

Visit for more info here: (Canada)
This is what I use for my dog 13 year old dog. (United States)
After researching the US brands, I chose this one because the liquid is easy to mix into their dinner. Also the powder above.

I am sharing this in the hopes that other people will try this natural supplement for their dog, before spending hundreds of dollars on xrays and tests…..only to find out that it is in fact arthritis. Try this FIRST – before spending hundreds at the vet, I noticed a difference in 48 hours, so it should not take you very long to find out if it works for you or not, but in my experience I have not found any dog that this has not brought relief to.

Please share this video with anyone else you know who has a dog who suffers when they try to stand up, or they are stiff when they walk. My 13 year old dog runs like a puppy again.