How Can You Tell if Your Dog has Arthritis: top 10 symptoms
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How Can You Tell if Your Dog has Arthritis: top 10 symptoms

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Just how can you tell if your dog has arthritis? In this video I run through the 10 main symptoms of arthritis in dogs so you can tell if your dog is in pain or not.

The 10 signs of arthritis in dogs:
1 – lameness or stiffness is an obvious sign of pain. When several legs are painful though an arthritic dog may not clearly be limping.
2 – the lameness or stiffness might get worse in cold weather
3 – a general reduction in activity levels
4 – a reduced desire to exercise
5 – hesitant or unwilling to jump or climb
6 – As they get worse and start to loose muscle in their legs the sixth symptom of arthritis in dogs can be difficulty getting up when lying down
7 – spend more time sleeping, or at least lying in their bed
8 – loose muscle and gain fat as well as gaining weight overall
9 – reduce their interaction with the family
10 – change in general behavior, becoming more grumpy, anxious, withdrawn or even aggressive

These 10 symptoms of arthritis are also clear signs of pain for any other reason and should definitely prompt a visit to your dogs vet.

Now you might think that some of these arthritis symptoms are pretty extreme and you would definitely be able to tell your dog was in pain and had arthritis before they got to that point.

Remember though that arthritis comes on very gradually and so when you are seeing your dog every day it is actually quite easy to miss these things or just accept them as part of normal aging.

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