Furball Fitness Canine Massage Therapy
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Furball Fitness Canine Massage Therapy

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The benefits of massage for dogs is similar to that of humans: the massage motion helps all of our muscles and internal systems work better. For dogs, this means:

Aids in recovery from injuries or surgeries: Massage can stimulate the body’s natural healing process and can reduce soreness and stiffness in affected muscles.

Increases agility: In competition, massage therapy can improve a dog’s time and abilities. But for every day, it helps keep your dog more active and quick.

Improves mobility, especially in older dogs: By reducing stiffness, dogs can become more active and mobile through massage. This is especially valuable as dogs get older and struggle more with decreased flexibility and mobility.

Reduces pain: Whether from injury, overuse, underuse, or age, massage can help reduce muscle pain that may be affecting your dog’s ability to play and be active.

Soothes anxiety: For dogs that struggle with chronic anxiety, massage therapy can help soothe and relax them.

Raises mood and energy levels: While dogs don’t often hang on to negative feelings the way humans sometimes do, massage can still help relax and energize your furball.

What a Massage Covers:

Each massage consists of a full body massage. Muscles are compensatory. If there is a problem, for example, in the hips, the animal will adjust his weight forward to ease the strain behind. As a result, the front end then becomes over-worked. A full body massage will help to restore balance in movement and comfort.

Each session is approximately 40 to 50 minutes. We work twenty three muscle groups on each side pf the body. 

It is important that your per has access to plenty of water post-massage. The increased circulation is a boost to the metabolism, which will increase thirst and possibly urination. It is not unusual to see a quick burst of energy post massage followed by heavy sleep. See more information at: http://www.furballfitnesspetcare.com/