Dorwest Herbs Arthritis / Rheumatism Joint Problem Dog
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Dorwest Herbs Arthritis / Rheumatism Joint Problem Dog

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Both these conditions are more commonly seen in the older dog or cat, although osteo-arthritis can occur in young animals occasionally.
The first sign of canine or in cats is usually stiffness when getting up after sleeping or exercise, with obvious pain in the joints and muscles.
is typified by inflammation of the joints, with swelling, and restriction of movement whereas rheumatism in dogs and affects the and is noticeable during the colder, wetter winter months.
have always been difficult to deal with and there is no cure, but herbal given in conjunction with the correct diet and suitable supplements are effective in relieving the pain, making easier and appear to delay the progress of the condition.
some is beneficial for mobility, it be painful so should be gentle and somewhat restricted.
Mixed vegetable tablets be daily to reduce acidity in the relieve the and make easier.
be in with garlic & fenugreek to provide a comprehensive and treatment.
problems will have developed over a long period of time and improvement therefore will be gradual be within a few weeks of starting It is recommended that the dosages be for at least an initial month’s course if the summer, and a two if beginning in the wintertime.
As is made the be reduced to the lower maintenance dose which be continued for the of the animal’s life if necessary, in order to control the