Dog Training - Tellington TTouch® For Dogs - Lori Stevens
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Dog Training – Tellington TTouch® For Dogs – Lori Stevens

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DVD Title: Tellington TTouch ® for Dogs
Presenter: Lori Stevens
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Tellington TTouch® (developed by Linda Tellington-Jones) is a gentle, positive method of bodywork and movement based on more than three decades of results with over 1000 practitioners worldwide. TTouch® provides a powerful set of tools and techniques that improve an animals health, behavior, and performance. In addition, it can deepen the relationship between animals and their people. TTouch® complements veterinary care and dog training. This workshop gives you the knowledge necessary to immediately use TTouch® on your own dog to help with their behavior and health-related issues.
In this workshop, specifically focused on dogs and their guardians, you will be introduced to tools and techniques to reduce stress in your dog, improve performance, and enhance health. This workshop dvd focuses on TTouch® bodywork, wraps, movement, and a brief overview of TTouch® leading techniques. Using these techniques,

TTouch® addresses common problems such as:
arthritis and other age-related issues
gait issues
fears, such as thunder, fireworks or the vet
recovery from injuries or surgery
lack of focus and concentration
lack of confidence
performance work, such as agility
pulling on leash
inappropriate barking
The combination of TTouch® movement exercises and bodywork improves concentration, coordination, behavior, and athletic ability in many animals and is used widely around the world by trainers, pet owners, and veterinarians.