Dog Healing - Accelerated Healing, Deep Relaxation and Sleep Aid with River Stream and Classical
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Dog Healing – Accelerated Healing, Deep Relaxation and Sleep Aid with River Stream and Classical

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Frequencies used: 1.0HZ, 1.5HZ, 7.83HZ

This uses sine waves and subliminal nature sounds to help consciously and sub-consciously induce deep relaxation, deep breathing and an accelerated healing rate.

1HZ is associated with relief and healing stiff Muscles, Muscle pain (due to injury), Tendomyopathy, and stimulation of the Pituitary gland among many other healing properties.

1.5HZ is known as a Universal Healing Rate and is known to help relieve and heal Muscle pain and stiff Muscles, Arthritis, and Inflammation among other effects.

7.83HZ is the resonance of Earth, or Schumann Resonance. It is commonly used for: Accelerated healing, deep Relaxation, Nervousness, Hypertension, Insomnia, Headaches, Vertigo, frequency fatigue, Kundalini awakening and overall wellness among innumerable other health benefits.

Rondo Alla Turca – Beethoven is playing in the background and is tuned to 432HZ.

Before anyone questions or mentions this:
This is a Midi tablature which I have slowed down to 12 BPM. It is not a perfect tab, and I am well aware of this. It is fed through a basic VST for the Piano sounds. The intention was for it to be used for dogs, and I highly doubt they will notice any imperfections.

When playing this please use a comfortable volume because the last thing we want to do is damage your dog’s delicate ears.

This has been tested on my own dog, it has shown to be effective and he absolutely loves it.

The nature sounds are licensed by Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Special thank you for Caroline Ford for recording the flowing water.
As part of the agreement for usage I must indicate that I have made changes to the original recording by splitting and trimming it, while reversing and looping certain parts.