DOCS: Chris Humfrey's Wild Life - Ep.6
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DOCS: Chris Humfrey’s Wild Life – Ep.6

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Chris wants to breed quolls to help increase their numbers in captivity. Last year’s attempt to breed failed – this year Chris is determined to succeed. Chris loans Matt, a young student at the local primary school struggling with his studies, a bearded dragon in the hope the responsibility of caring for it will help him focus. Cabby, the families’ 70 kg pet dog, is suffering from arthritis. So Nicole books him in for a radical treatment, that will attempt to use Cabby’s own fat cells, to repair his arthritic joints. Meanwhile, there are animals escaping everywhere. The film crew has left a gate open and some kangaroos have got out while Inger has to deal with squirrel gliders that have escaped in her car!

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