Cat Arthritis Treatment using Magnetic Cats Bed / Beds
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Cat Arthritis Treatment using Magnetic Cats Bed / Beds

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We have been selling magnetic underlays for humans for over ten years now. I cannot remember the amount of times that a customer would ring me up and ask me why their cat would not bet off the magnetic underlay in the bed. The reason was obvious, the cat could feel the benefits the magnetic underlay was giving them.

For a period we would then sell a lot of magnetic pillows for cats until we began to manufacture the magnetic dog and cat bed range

In the this video we provide tips to assist with cat arthritis treatment of muscular aches and pains for your cats using our Australia made magnetic underlays and magnetic therapy products. Magnetic therapy (also known as biomagnetic therapy or bio magnetic therapy) involves the used on health magnets to assist in the reduction of muscular inflammation and pain without the use of harsh drugs.

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With over 40 years of combined experience My wife Jannese and I (Cameron) have a wealth of information to share .

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Allow you cat the same benefits as you do with a magnetic cat bed. A drug free alternative in cat arthritis treatments