Capitola Veterinary Hospital: Derby's Experience with Stem Cell Therapy
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Capitola Veterinary Hospital: Derby’s Experience with Stem Cell Therapy

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One of our patients who recently underwent stem cell therapy is Derby, an absolutely delightful 13-year-old mixed breed dog that we’ve all enjoyed getting to know over the last few months. When we first met Derby in May of 2012, his Mom, Janise, reported that he had been suffering from increased lameness in his right rear leg over the course of a few months time. He had surgery on both knees years ago, and Derby could not be treated with traditional anti-inflammatory medication due to underlying kidney problems. By the time we met Derby, he had a very difficult time sitting or standing. In an effort to keep weight off of his painful rear legs, he was practically walking on his front feet alone. He could not jump or run without significant pain.

After some X-rays at Capitola Veterinary Hospital, Derby was diagnosed with generalized arthritis and degenerative joint disease in his elbows, hips, and stifles. Derby’s parents discussed stem cell therapy with Dr. May, and decided that this was the right treatment option to pursue. Derby underwent stem cell therapy, and about 30 days later we were told that his mood and overall attitude seemed much better. Derby is now able to get up from a laying or sitting position with much greater ease, and when he sits now he does so on two legs instead of only one. Derby’s parents are very thrilled with his progress so far, “Prior to stem cell therapy, Derby could not sit. In addition [to the vastly improved mobility,] the first thing we noticed [after his treatment] was that Derby’s facial expression returned to a happy, smiley face and of course the ever wagging tail!” — Janise Burford (Derby’s Mom)

We were all thrilled to see Derby sit, stand, and even jump up for treats during his recheck exams within two months of treatment. Derby’s family happily reported that one of their biggest concerns now is keeping him from running up and down the stairs or chasing the wildlife around his home! Check out this video to see him in action…