Canine Science: Using Stem Cells To Relieve Arthritis Pain
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Canine Science: Using Stem Cells To Relieve Arthritis Pain

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Mark Gasaway; veterinarian: “that’s old Gunner, he’s an old guy.”

Who is feeling more and more like a young guy. Gunner, a 16 year old fella is getting the latest technology for animals suffering from osteoarthritis.

Mark Gasaway: “We are actually doing a stem cell procedure.”

And the procedure you’re seeing is being done on Cooley, he’s only 10 but showing signs of arthritis.

The docs take blood and fat from the animal then do some mixing and shaking and separating which results in “wah lah stem cells”. Kids, don’t try this at home. Two hours later… “We give the IV injection and that takes 10 minutes and then he goes home and does his same old routine.”

why does this work so well? “Stem cells hone to inflammation and so they’ll find his inflammatory areas and hopefully start healing.”

“When you do something like this and you’re actually getting your puppy back, that’s a big plus.”

And a big bill… This stem cell youth injection costs between 00 and 00 bones. A mere drop in the bucket when you consider Americans spent 48 billion last year on their animals.

And for now, this science is only being used on dogs, cats and horses.

Hey Mr. veterinarian man, what about us two legged animals?

We’re actually 2 to 5 years ahead of human medicine in this right now and it’s just not available in humans yet but it will be.