Arthritis in Dogs and Cats: the disease, symptoms and diagnosis
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Arthritis in Dogs and Cats: the disease, symptoms and diagnosis

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Arthritis is one of the most common diseases in our older dog and cat population. But what dogs are at risk of arthritis? What are the symptoms of arthritis in dogs and are they the same as cats? And how do we diagnose this common disease?

Well in this first video of my arthritis series I will discuss all these aspects and more. Learn what arthritis is and how it progresses, find out what symptoms to look out for in your own pet. They only let us know they are in pain if we are listening. While some of the symptoms of arthritis in dogs are pretty obvious (we generally think a limping dog is an arthritis dog) others can be more subtle but a sure sign of pain none the less.

Cat arthritis symptoms are much more subtle, it’s amazing how much pain a cat needs to be in for it to be crippled. They are much better at adapting their behavior. Again though, if you know the common cat arthritis symptoms then you will know much sooner that your cat is starting to struggle with pain.

Knowing the causes of arthritis in dogs and cats is also important as well as understanding what dogs are at risk of arthritis. This is because you can then try and avoid some of these issues, the most important being obesity. If your pet is fat the risk is higher

As for diagnosis, there is more to life than xrays, although they are incredibly useful. Find out what they can show and when best to use them. Worried about sedation or anesthetic though? Well there may be other options.

Don’t ignore stiffness and pain in your furry family member. Arthritis compromises quality of life and your pet deserves to be pain free in their old age.

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