A Special Invite to All Dog Lovers in Alexandria VA
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A Special Invite to All Dog Lovers in Alexandria VA

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In this 2-hour class, learn about holistic therapies to help ease dog pain and stress. We will cover Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs, homeopathic remedies & crystals for common ailments such as K9 allergies, intestinal upsets, arthritis, hip & elbow dysplasia and more.

• Traditional Chinese Medicine
• Acupressure, Acupuncture & Tui Na
• Laser Therapy
• Animal Reiki
• Herbal Medicine & Homeopathic Remedies
• Bach Flower Remedies
• K9 Nutrition with Recipes
• Aromatherapy
• Crystal Therapy
• Western medication used for common K9 ailments and their side effects.

Sacred Circle
919 King St Alexandria VA 22314
To reserve your space please call Sacred Circle (703) 299-9309
Advance At Door
Do to the space limitations of this class only guide dogs are permitted.

Jeanie Mossa MS, L.Ac., is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and Reiki master. Owner of Four Paws Healing in Alexandria VA. She has written four books on holistic medicine and also taught veterinary acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for dogs to acupuncturists and veterinarians.

Jeanie has been treating people and animals with holistic medicine for more than 25 years.