Why is overweight in a dog so dangerous?
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Why is overweight in a dog so dangerous?

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Why is overweight in a dog so dangerous?

Obesity is an evil that causes many problems among people. This can lead to heart disease, diabetes, joint problems, etc …

However, sometimes we take it for granted that this does not happen to our animals and we feed them with food without thinking about the consequences that this may have for them, as in the case of overweight.

What is obesity?

Obesity is an excess of weight caused by a surplus of body fat created by poor diet and can cause heart, diabetes, bone and muscle diseases. In addition, it could lead to choking when walking or exercising, and also sedentary and low mobility.

Obesity in a dog can be measured just like in people. It is so named when the weight of the dog exceeds at least 20% of its ideal weight.

As in humans, this can cause heart, lung, joint anomalies and arthritis.

Canine Obesity and Respiratory Problems

The first problem that we will find in an obese dog is that it will cost him to breathe well.

The fat accumulated in the abdomen will press the diaphragm and therefore the diaphragm will have difficulty performing its work. In turn, the heart has a hard time pumping blood and distributing it to a body that is out of its dimensions.

This increases the heart pressure and therefore the risks of heart attack and angina.
In case the dog has to undergo a surgical operation, being overweight may be a risk factor that will decrease their chances of being saved.

In addition to this, cases of sterility and serious problems in calving in the case of female dogs are also known.
Limpness due to canine obesity

Being overweight causes our muscles and joints to suffer, as they have to carry more weight than usual.

Therefore, this can lead to meniscal ruptures, tendonitis, arthritis and a host of other problems that will make it difficult for your pet to lead a healthy and good life.

In addition, obesity also causes havoc in the bones, which can cause the dog not to walk well and even break some of them.

As a result, if obesity is not prevented or slowed down, your pet will have a very short life expectancy, since the conditions it causes can take life.