Warm Water Dog Swimming -- Come Swim With Your Dog at Rummy's Beach Club in Spring, Texas
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Warm Water Dog Swimming — Come Swim With Your Dog at Rummy’s Beach Club in Spring, Texas

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Come Swim With Your Dog at Rummy’s Beach Club in Spring, Texas — north of Houston, Texas, south of The Woodlands, East of Tomball and West of Humble. Private Hourly Warm Water Swimming for Dogs and their owners to benefit obesity, pain, arthritis, hip dysplasia, walking difficulties, degenerative myelopathy, back problems, to get into shape for the show ring, dock dogs, splash dogs, dock diving, dock jumping, agility competitions, flyball, etc. Swimming is easy on the joints and gives a quick, efficient workout. Warm water is a natural anti-inflammatory and creates a calm, sedative effect on muscles and mentality. Appointments available 7AM–7PM, 7 days a week and most holidays.

We offer Group Classes, Including Warm Water Aerobics for People, Learn How to Swim Dogs and open a dog swimming facility, Dock Jumping / Dock Dogs / Dock Diving, Canine CPR & first aid, Canine massage or doggie massage, T-Touch or Tellington Touch and more.

Dogs with arthritis or injuries enjoy the feel of the warm water on their body. So will you if you have arthritis! Allow your dog the freedom to exercise and have FUN with less pain. Rummy’s pool was custom built for dogs. In the winter, the pool is covered with a custom designed, air-tight pool dome so you can swim with your dog all year long.

Gift certificates are always available — there is not a better gift to give your dog loving friends.

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Rummy is a blind Siberian Husky who won the 2007 nationwide Purina Rally to Rescue contest, went to Hollywood and kissed a movie star! Since winning the contest, Rummy and Lisa, Rummy’s mom, visit children to help them understand how important it is to love and care for animals.

What does Rummy do? Gives kisses, puts his paw on a child’s hand, and listens as children whisper secrets in his ear. Lisa shows slides of Rummy in Hollywood, his luxurious hotel, the movie star he kissed…and then she tries to help people understand what Rummy’s life could have been like.

Lisa discusses how dog rescue works, how to rescue ANY breed of dog, puppy mills, why it is important to spay & neuter pets, dog fighting and gives details on who to contact if someone you know is involved in dog fighting or animal abuse.

Hearing someone talk about dog rescue is one thing. Meeting a blind dog rescued from the streets of Houston, who went to Hollywood, kissed a movie star and now owns his own business is another. The children see pictures of a starving, sick, blind dog from the streets (Rummy), while getting kisses from that very dog — a dog society “threw away”. It makes an impact — the children experience animal compassion right then and there. And MAYBE they will choose NOT to get involved in dog fighting or animal abuse because Rummy taught them that animals have feelings and emotions.

Please, allow Rummy to come work his magic with your students. Help us make an impact. Presentations are about an hour and are FREE, though contributions are appreciated.

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