Treatment of Arthritis in Dogs and Cats: drugs and monitoring
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Treatment of Arthritis in Dogs and Cats: drugs and monitoring

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Has your pet just been diagnosed and your wondering what the treatment of arthritis in dogs and cats is? In this video I discuss the different drug treatments available, what the side effects are and how we can monitor our dogs and cats with arthritis to ensure they are as pain free as possible while at the same time minimizing side effects.

In this 3rd video in my arthritis series you will find out what drug is the best arthritis treatment for dogs and cats. Combined with the home care strategies discussed in my second video and you will be well on the way to ensuring your pet is as comfortable as possible.

There are many options out there and there can be no one-size-fits-all solution. Different drug treatments for arthritis will work differently in every individual. We also need to take into account any other illnesses the arthritis patient has. After all most arthritis dogs and cats are more elderly and the chance of a concurrent disease is reasonably high. Our arthritis treatment plan might be very different for an otherwise healthy senior compared to one also suffering from chronic renal disease or a liver condition. the best drugs to treat arthritis really will vary between individual.

NSAIDs are the most common choice and do an excellent job in most cases. Other options might include tramadol, gabapentin and even paracetamol (but never in cats).

Monitoring a dog or cats response to any home treatment changes or medications is also very important. Arthritis is a progressive disease and so what works now may not be enough in the future. Monitoring will ensure we make changes to our plan in good time rather than leaving our pets to suffer.

There is no cat or dog arthritis cure but we are able to treat this disease better than at any point in the past. You owe your pet as good a quality of life as possible.

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