Sick? Learn from the Animals
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Sick? Learn from the Animals

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Sickness comes easily to our bodies when we are over stimulated with eating, drinking, smoking, internet, cell phones, radio, traffic noises, friends, family, etc. Getting sick starts with eating dead food. Eating sugar, flour, pizza, breads, milk, cheese, potatoes, rice and the like contribute to tearing down our bodies and getting sick. Get off the sugar as it breeds bacteria and viruses. Seventy per cent of our energy goes to digestion. When we are sick we need that energy for healing. Two important ways to heal ourselves are to fast and to take some quiet time. Living healthy begins with eating healthy, living light, staying clean, letting go, and getting away from negative people.

“Seventy per cent of our body’s energy goes to digestion”…includes your BMR and Thermic effect of food
Gov. Your metabolism has two parts, which are carefully regulated by the body to make sure they remain in balance. They are:
catabolism – the breakdown of food components, such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats, into their simpler forms, which can then be used to create energy and provide the basic building blocks needed for growth and repair
anabolism – the part of metabolism in which our body is built or repaired. Anabolism requires energy that ultimately comes from our food. When we eat more than we need for daily anabolism, the excess nutrients are typically stored in our body as fat.
Your Basic Metabolic Rate, rises after you eat because you use energy to eat, digest and metabolize the food you have just eaten. The rise occurs soon after you start eating, and peaks two to three hours later. BMR account s for 50% to 80% of energy spent and the Thermic effect of food is another 5% to 10%.

Getting sick starts with dead food
Abstract. What makes these foods to be called as JUNK is that it contains high levels of refined sugar, white flour, trans fat and polyunsaturated fat, salt, and numerous food additives such as monosodium glutamate and tartrazine; at the same time, it is lacking in proteins, vitamins, essential minerals, fiber, among other healthy attributes. These foods have little enzyme producing vitamins and minerals and but contain high level of calories in their place…. Such nutritionally weak foods become quickly addictive and can sow the seeds of infirmity and debilitating disease, which ultimately leads to many an incurable disease.

Sugar feeds bacteria and viruses
Abstract. The relation between sugars and oral health is dynamic. Although sugars, both naturally occurring and added, and fermentable carbohydrates stimulate bacteria to produce acid and lower the pH, several dietary factors affect the caries risk associated with fermentable carbohydrates.

Fasting is good for you
Abstract.Recent findings suggest that IF and ADF are equally as effective as CR for weight loss and cardio protection.

Elevated Cortisol levels will cost your immune system more damage than anything
Abstract. The most serious hormone complications of severe chronic pain are hyper- and hypocortisolemia. Cortisol serum levels rise and fall with emotion, exercise, nutrition, and disease states. Exercise is well known to positively modify cortisol levels, and this activity is highly recommended in pain patients. Chronic hypercortisolemia has numerous complications related to increased calcium resorption and includes osteopenia, joint degeneration, tooth decay, degenerative arthritis, vertebral collapse, and renal stones.

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