Retractable Dog Leash
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Retractable Dog Leash

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I have a service dog that is always with me. Having Fibro and arthritis makes a regular leash hard to grip. I ordered a retractable leash from PetExpert. The handle is very soft lined and easy gripping, non-slip. I have even used it in the rain without any slippage. The leash can be locked when needed or unlocked to give my dog some room for a potty break in privacy. You can also use the lock feature in training a wayward dog. The leash is nylon and a full sixteen feet long. Very strong. I have the large which holds a dog up to 110 pounds. You can also order in medium and small. It is quality built and not easy to tear up. It came with a bonus collar that is also thick nylon and solid. It is green and black. A great neutral color. I’d like to be able to order another color though. It was well priced at a little over twelve dollars on Amazon with quick shipping.
I love mine and will order from PetExpert again. Walking with a dog is much easier now!