Relax Your Dog with Bergman Method Facial Reflexology
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Relax Your Dog with Bergman Method Facial Reflexology

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Learn 3 simple Facial Reflexology points that will help your dog relax. Created by award winning teacher and the UK’s leading facial reflexologist.

#ZoneFaceLift #facialreflexology is a complementary therapy which helps reduce stress by gently stimulating #reflexology points on the face.

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I can’t guarantee that all of the Zone Face Lift & facial reflexology sequences I recommend will suit you. I only share reflexology sequences which I have used personally to promote healing and wellbeing in clients. Everyone’s face and aims for facial reflexology is different and if you are pregnant or have a serious medical condition you should see a professional and fully qualified reflexologist before treating yourself. This is not a substitute for medical treatment.

I only share advice I believe will benefit viewers and with this video their dogs.