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Pet Bounce.. Arthritis cure for your pets!

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As pets age increases the chance of pet having arthritis increase as well. Therefore as pet owner, knowing the typical signs would help you if your pet is suffering from one. Some of the signs include but not limited to the following.

Typical signs of Arthritis in dogs include:

o Licking affected joint: most dogs get relief or they feel that did something to help the pain by licking it.

o Mild swelling: usually the affected area swells, look for one if you pet has.

o While walking they lag behind: they will not be able to walk with the same speed they used.

o Avoiding or being reluctant to climbing a stair: this symptom is very common one in most dogs avoid doing so.

o Not being energetic

o Difficulty in rising up or lying down

o Moving slowly

o Change of behavior

o They avoid being touch because of the pain they have

o Visible weight shift to the unaffected part, Limping

Typical sighs of Arthritis in cats

o Loss of appetite: this one is the typical signs of cats unlike dogs.

o Slight limping or weight shifting to one side

o Slight difficulty getting into/out of litter box

o Reluctant to jump or climb.

o Reduced grooming


The most common treatments include Surgery, pain killer and relief medicines, comfort and proper diet. This depends on the extent of damage.

Surgery: When the pain and the damage is sever one. Surgery can be performed.

Painkillers: Different types of pain killers are around these days, Pet Bounce is one of them and the most popular one. It is natural pet Arthritis Relief for Dogs & Cats with Homeopathic Pet Bounce oral drops. It acts fast and heals fast. The drawback is it is a little expensive. But the outcome is really great.

Comfort: A soft bed helps to relax the joints, message and physical therapy helps to relax stiff muscle. Consistent exercise and walk is helpful to ease the pain.

Diet: Proper diet helps to fight cartridge damage.

If Arthritis is not treated well, it might lead to infection which will cause but not limited to knee cap move out, sever pain, surgery, infection and ultimately might lead to death. Knowing the symptoms and early detection is important in order to treating it on time and prevent future complication. Remember about quarters of pets suffer from Arthritis as human beings do.

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