No Choke Big Dog, No Pull, Harness Review
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No Choke Big Dog, No Pull, Harness Review

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The No Choke Big Dog, No Pull, Harness Review,

Ideal for dogs that are hard pullers or elderl,
They normally come with easy click buckles that prevent your dog from slipping out of the harness,

Unlike a collar, a Harness will not choke dogs that pull hard.

Rather the wide chest distributes the pressure through the dogs chest and shoulders for the most comfortable walk your pup has ever experienced

The D-Ring is attached firmly to the Center Ring, which moves freely giving the dog more freedom of motion, while also giving the dog owner greater control over their pet.

The Harness is made of a strong nylon,

I purchased a harness for our rather large dog and it works wonderfully,
It is very comfortable on him and he moves freely when walking.

It’s a product, I would definitely recommend.

As a dog trainer, I find it very hard to get out of “Dog Trainer Mode,” and almost every day I must bear witness to dog owners using choke chains and prong collars incorrectly, and it really makes my blood boil. I’m the type of person who never turns away an opportunity to educate someone about dog stuff, so I decided to put together a video on how to use these tools safely and effectively for individuals who insist on continuing to use them. I’d rather see people using them the right way if they must use them at all.

Just FYI, there are friendlier options out there such as slip leads, Martingale collars (fabric versions of choke chains), Gentle Leaders and Easy Walk harnesses. Call me old fashion though, I feel like anything your choke chain can do, my dog’s regular buckle collar can do as well. Its all in the snap/correction and how well you use it. I teach 1-hour loose leash walking seminars and have never failed to teach a dog how to walk nicely on a leash using just their own collar and leash
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