MMS DMSO By Syringe ~ Basal Cell Tumor ~ Dog's Scalp ~ My Palm Arthritis ~~~Nancy
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MMS DMSO By Syringe ~ Basal Cell Tumor ~ Dog’s Scalp ~ My Palm Arthritis ~~~Nancy

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Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) with DMSO applied to my dog’s (tumor) on her scalp – kept her vision in good order for years. A basal cell tumor growth appeared on her scalp one year, I applied MMS topically and reduced the tumor down. It shriveled up really nicely. It grew back in a year or two – and I applied MMS topically again. At this time – 2015 – I had not treated her tumor growth as I was taking care of a relative and ‘people come first you know’ – well the tumor got very hard and this time I decided to try a syringe to get to the root of the tumor. It had always affected her vision. This worked to take the tumor down and brought back her vision very well. I’m very sorry to say that about three months after making this video – Sara’s legs got very bad, her hip. I didn’t get to take care of her during that harsh winter of 2015. We had to lose her in March of 2015. She lived 12 years and MMS helped her to have good vision and other things, while she was here. I miss her so much. I also used MMS in a syringe into the palm of my hand – for arthritis at one point. This is not medical advice it is just how I handle things. ~~~Nancy P.S. The music for this video is Floaters by Jimmy Fontanez – Media Rights and by Riot!