Man Buried His DOG ALIVE - What Happened Next Is Astounding
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Man Buried His DOG ALIVE – What Happened Next Is Astounding

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1. When Pedro Dinis went to walk his dog, in the forests of Carrieres-sur-Seine, France, as he had been doing daily for years,
the last thing he expected to find was this dog, buried up to her neck in sand, and barely alive.

2. Soon after the shocking discovery, Dinis took to his Facebook page to explain his shock at what he had found: “Only her head was visible and it was difficult to see given the amount of earth covering her,” he explained.

3. The dog, a French Mastif called Athena, had been buried by accident, during some kind of landslide in the area. That much was apparent to Dinis who explained that she was tied up in ropes and buried up to the neck but still alive.

4. The dog was hardly moving, and probably hadn’t had food or water for days. Dinis and his dog began digging Athena out of the hole she was buried in, working as a team with his dog to free Athena.

5. Soon after the poor dog was saved, Dinis explained that he had to remove the rope from around Athena’s neck which was choking her. The other end of her rope was attached to a gravel-filled sack that had also been buried, meaning her near-death was no accident.

6. Athena wasn’t Muslim, nor did she commit adultery, however, police believe that she was stoned by her would-be killers, as large rocks were scattered around her.

7. Apparently, Athena was in a really bad way when she was found, and was almost dead. Dinis and his dog, Goddess, fussed over her and gave her water and washed her face.

8. Athena’s rescuer took her to a vet as quickly as he could, where she received the attention she needed. The vet noted that the dog was “shocked and dehydrated” and was happy to be alive.

9. So you might be wondering how anyone knows the real name of this pooch. Although she didn’t have a chip implanted, she did have a tattoo and that is how authorities found her owner. He claimed she had simply run away from home.

10. French authorities noted that the dog was ten years old at least and due to arthritis couldn’t have run away. Her owner was arrested and has been charged with animal cruelty. He could get a fine up to ,000 and up to two years in jail!

11. She was in a really bad way when she was found, but Athena was soon back to normal, as if by a miracle. She recovered relatively quickly, and returned to her soft and kind character before long.

12. Although her owned hasn’t done any jail time as yet, Athena is very happy in her new home, and that in itself is a serious case of ‘justice.’

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