Little Dog Saved From Roadside, Dragon Boat Festival, China
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Little Dog Saved From Roadside, Dragon Boat Festival, China

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During the holidays for the Dragon Boat Festival we received a call from a concerned animal lover telling us that there was a small dog at the side of the road. The caller thought the dog may have been in a car accident and had a broken leg. Our founder Du Yufeng quickly ran to the scene to pick up the poor child ! She gently picked him up and he was a trembling, obviously worried about the situation. His front right leg was badly swollen and he would not let her touch it.
When Du took him to her house to inspect his leg and see if he had any injuries, it became apparent that the leg was not broken. Both of the little dog’s front legs are splayed (often called fiddle front, Queen Anne front, bowed front) and they are a hereditary disease, quite common in small dogs. This condition can lead to pain and arthritis. All these hereditary diseases can easily be stopped. This is why we advocate for desexing pets.
More education needs to be given to people to teach them about desexing their pet and also not to dump them when they are tired of them!
To help us perform more education events and care for dogs like this one you can donate on our website. If you are in a position to help this little boy in your country by giving him a new home and access to better treatment, please contact us:-
Thank you for your support.