Little Do You Know...(Dedicated to Simba, my deceased dog)
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Little Do You Know…(Dedicated to Simba, my deceased dog)

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This video is dedicated to my dog, Simba. He passed away on March 21, 2014.
Simba grew up with me. When I was born, he was four years old. As a toddler, he got very jealous of me because I got all the attention. He even snapped at me a couple of times. My parents then considered putting him down, but decided not to. Over the years, Simba and I grew close. We loved to take pictures together, play together, everything. But as many of you know, nothing lasts forever. When Simba reached 13, he got health problems. Wet his bed, had horrible ear infections, and arthritis. He even got so stressed out that he would chew his fur off. He also wouldn’t eat much. My parents decided to get a new puppy (Nala), but she never liked Simba. I thought that my parents got her because they wanted Simba to have a buddy, but now I know better. They really got him because they knew he would die soon. Despite his health problems, I did EVERYTHING I could to keep him alive. I took him to the vet often, gave him tons of different medicines, woke up early to take him outside so he wouldn’t wet his bed, hand fed him, prayed for him, and took him to the dog park. The truth was, I wanted to try and think that he was getting better and was healthy. I tried to convince myself. But it turned out that he was getting worse. Many vets suggested putting him down (even the rest of my family), but I always said no. Simba grew more cranky over the years too. I became the only person who could handle him. I even was snapped at by him. He got blind before he died too. So he hardly recognized me. Sometimes, is even sleep on the couch with him, so if anything were to happen, I’d be there. One time, he even scared me half to death. He was in a deep sleep. And I tried to wake him up, but he didn’t even when I shook him. But he finally did and I was fine. But it didn’t last that way forever. One day, he had a stroke. I was at school, but when I heard the news when I got home, I cried for months. I still cry often about him to this day. I never got to say goodbye to him. I wish I could see my baby now…

All photos belong to me and were taken when I was 6 years old.