Laser Therapy for Dogs
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Laser Therapy for Dogs

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Watch laser therapy being performed on an Herding Australian Cattle Dog. Our clinic utilizes the Cutting Edge Portable MLS Laser, the most advanced therapy laser on the market today. Laser therapy reduces pain, improves motility, and enhances the quality of life for injured dogs, geriatric dogs, and dogs suffering arthritis and inflammation. Arthritis, acute & chronic pain, back injuries, sprains & strains, inflammation & edema, and wound healing can all be improved with laser therapy.

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So this is Tillie, Tillie is an agility and a herding dog, she is still competing in trials and is very high up. She is coming in today to get some laser therapy on her back and on her knees, or stifles.

She is just a little bit sore in her back and she has had just a little bit of lameness in her knees, so we are trying to promote the laser therapy and see if that will help her achieve her goal of attaining her highest title.

With the laser, the laser can treat certain conditions like arthritis, acute pain, back injuries, strains, inflammation, and edema. The benefits of it are there is no surgical treatment, you don’t have to sedate or restrain your patient.

There are not many side effects; you do have to wear these glasses, just because it can do retinal damage if you look directly at the laser light. There are really fewer side effects, and it’s really quick and convenient.

What the laser does is it promotes blood flow to an injured area, so that it starts to bring in healthy cells to create new and more viable tissue, and can reduce swelling and edema in the joints.