How to know if my dog has arthritis and what to do
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How to know if my dog has arthritis and what to do

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How to know if my dog has arthritis and what to do

Arthritis in dog is as common as it is in humans, and there are times when we imagine many other possibilities as the cause of a rare behavior in our dog except arthritis.

Sadly, arthritis is a very common disease among dogs.

There is not exactly one thing we can determine that is the only cause or one that will help us detect arthritis in our dogs. We must take into account many factors.

For example, it is known that overweight dogs or dogs that do not exercise are candidates for the development of the disease. Why? The reason is that arthritis is the inflammation and stiffness of joints.

Arthritis is a degenerative disease, and the pain associated with it in dogs can be very intense in many of our beloved pets, something we do not them to suffer.

When we talk about signs to detect arthritis in our dogs, there are some to consider as it seems to be the common denominator with all dogs. That does not mean that our pet has to suffer all this.

We can see our dog having difficulty getting up or standing up
If ever it was a very active and playful animal, we will notice a hesitation to participate in the same games or activities as before, such as running, jumping or climbing.

Interest in play activities will decrease.

The dog may want to sleep more than usual and because, there’s a high chance that your dog may suffer from overweight.

What can be done to help dogs suffering from arthritis?

Your veterinarian will evaluate your dog’s condition; The recommendations he gives you are based on analysis or other means of research to obtain the correct diagnosis.

There is no doubt that the veterinarian will recommend what is best for your dog, it will help our pet to feel relief from pain, and of course, natural or alternative medicine.