How to Help a Dog With Arthritis, Effective Forms
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How to Help a Dog With Arthritis, Effective Forms

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Seeing a dog with arthritis and pain is something that no pet owner wants to go through. It is heartbreaking and you want to do everything possible to relieve the pain.

Here are some ways to help a dog with arthritis.

1. Go on walks.

Exercising with an arthritic dog is difficult, but this is something you can not ignore. While too much exercise can cause joint pain, lack of physical activity can make the condition worse.

2. Go swimming to help a dog with arthritis.

Swimming is often recommended as an alternative exercise for arthritic dogs. Swimming is very smooth in your dog’s joints. This exercise that does not support the weight will help keep the joints moving and the muscles working well.

3. Maintain a healthy weight.

It is very important that a dog with arthritis maintain a healthy weight. Any extra weight adds more pressure and pain to your dog’s aching joints. While losing weight can be a challenge for older dogs, helping your canine friend lose some of the extra pounds is worth it.

4. Massage in the joints.

A good massage from time to time is also beneficial for a dog with arthritis. Massage helps increase circulation in painful joints and improves the flexibility of your dog.

5. Apple cider vinegar.

This is another effective remedy for a dog with arthritis. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, apple cider vinegar helps relieve pain and inflammation.

6. Make changes in the diet.

A good diet is important for your dog, regardless of whether you suffer from arthritis or not. There are many natural foods rich in anti-inflammatory properties that you can add to your dog’s diet to relieve the pain and inflammation of arthritis.

7. Use supplements.

There are many dietary supplements that you can consider giving your pet to relieve the pain of arthritis and improve flexibility. Some recommended supplements include:

1. Omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce pain as a result of reduced joint inflammation.
2. Glucosamine and chondroitin, which are very effective supplements for joints.
3. Green mussel extract, a cartilage repair supplement designed specifically for pets.
4. Vitamin C and E. Supplements

When giving you a supplement, always work with your veterinarian.

8. Make your dog comfortable.

You must take extra care to make your dog feel comfortable. As much as possible, keep your dog warm and dry. Cold, damp conditions can make the pain worse. Heat can help soothe painful joints, so putting a heating pad over sore joints for 10 minutes can help a lot.