How To Give Your Dog The Best Massage Ever
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How To Give Your Dog The Best Massage Ever

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Ears: Stress and Anxiety Relaxation
According to Dr. Allen Schoen of the Center for the Advancement of Veterinary Alternative Therapies, rubbing a dog’s ears can make dogs feel relaxed and happy due to hormonal releases.
However, exercise caution before rubbing the ears of a dog you don’t know.

Stomach: Digestive Issues (2009)
Vicki Sutkowski, Certified Massage Practitioner and Animal Reiki Practitioner, writes that blood flow and digestion can be improved by rubbing your dog’s stomach in soft, circular motions.
She also notes that the entire body should be massaged in a massage session. She says to avoid just focusing on a sore or afflicted area.

Feet: Comfort and trust Relaxation and Circulation
The ASPCA recommends paw massages for improving circulation and fostering relaxation.
First, rub the paws’ pads and then the spaces between the toes.

Back: Restlessness Preventing Stiffness After Exercise
This book describes a very detailed back massage for dogs before and after exercise to help avoid stiffness and any stress or trigger points.

Chest: Heart health Relaxation

How & Why To Give a Dog Massage: (Your dog wants you to read this!)

According to certified small animal massage practitioner Rubi Sullivan, slowly massaging a dog’s chest can have a relaxing effect.

Back legs: flexibility and range of motion injury prevention and circulation
Wyatt Robinson, a former veterinarian (of 25 years) and former member of British Veterinary Association, stroking and stretching a dog’s back legs and paws can help prevent injuries.
He recommends first petting your dog all over and then rubbing larger muscles, including those in the legs.
He recommends lifting and lightly squeezing these muscles.
Circulation can be improved by lightly squeezing each of the dog’s back legs.

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