How Long Will My Dog Live Now She's Eating a Raw Food Diet
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How Long Will My Dog Live Now She’s Eating a Raw Food Diet

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Video Transcription:
Hi and welcome to the Australian outback, I’m Dan Scott.

Today’s question is: How long will my dog live now she’s eating a raw food diet?

If started as a puppy on a raw food diet as outlined in my book “Real Food for Dogs”, your dog has an excellent chance of living an average of one third longer than the current national average of 10 to 13 years and be in great shape right up to the end.
My research on natural fed dogs over the last 8 years indicates that pups started on raw food live to between 17 to 19 years.

Now, repeat vaccinations, pesticide use, environmental pollution and genetics from the breed and parentage have a part to play in how old your dog will live. But it is also true that further generations of your raw fed dog will live even longer as healthy genetic memory, builds longevity.

Even an old sickly senior dog changed over to a raw diet will have a fantastic chance to regain some youthful vigor and live out their remaining years in far greater health and wellbeing as the vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, flavinioids, amino acids and other bio available nutrients in raw food go to work fortifying the dog’s immune system for added protection and restoration.

For one example, the soreness of arthritis can be greatly alleviated, allowing much greater freedom of movement and less pain for an ailing dog.

Stop the drugs, prescription diets and veterinary expense to save yourself a fortune and go with what’s effective.

Witnessing the change in your dog will lift both your spirits.

This Dan Scott for Healthy Dog For