Homemade Dog Food Suplement Bone Broth Nutritious With Pasta and /Or Rice
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Homemade Dog Food Suplement Bone Broth Nutritious With Pasta and /Or Rice

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Free Homemade Dog Food contains only the ingredients that you put into it! It is an excellent supplement for both healthy and ageing dogs. It has been consumed by people since we first learned to cook in pans over a fire. Gave Ruby, now age 12 1/2 a new lease of life, she has regained weight and is now enjoying long walks again.

Today, this amazing supplement with it’s abundant nutritional content has been long forgotten. It was used to aid patients recovery and we have used it to restore the health of our ageing Ruby, (the fawn girl in the video) She was losing her strength and her muscles were deteriorating. Her weight loss was worrying us, when a friend of ours suggested we try this for her, after she was advised to supplement her dogs food by a good vet.
The results with Ruby have astonished us all and at 12 yrs 6 months, she is out walking long distances with ease.
Bone Broth alone won’t provide all of the protein your dog needs, so we advise giving raw meat, preferably green tripe with occasional red meat (Ox Heart) Broth protein contains three amino acids. A complete protein needs to contain all B essential amino acids. What it does for your dog or even our own diet is to support the body so that it does not need to break down its own proteins, gelatine, cartilage, and other minerals to supply the body’s needs.

It contains calcium, silicon, sulphur, magnesium, phosphorous & trace minerals in a form that is easily taken up in the blood by the digestive system. These minerals are dissolved from the bones due to the boiling and supplemented cider apple vinegar.

Bone broth is helpful in treating digestive disorders such as Irritable bone syndrome, colitis and even Chrohn’s disease.
Broth also contains, Chondroitin Sulfate, a gelatine substance used to treat arthritis and joint degeneration and associated pain It functions to support and provide adhesiveness. It lines blood vessels and plays a role in lowering atherosclerosis, cholesterol and heart attacks….


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