Hip Opening Wrist Free Hands Free Yoga Flow for All Levels - 45 Minutes
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Hip Opening Wrist Free Hands Free Yoga Flow for All Levels – 45 Minutes

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Yoga Upload with Maris Aylward – Here’s another wrist-free, hands-free, arms-free yoga flow class for hip flexibility. We flow through poses but avoid the typical “vinyasa” sequence; there is NO Downward Facing Dog, NO Plank, and NO Chaturanga. This practice is appropriate for both beginners and intermediate students. We focus on “hip openers” in this class and do a lot of strengthening and stretching of the lower body. Standing poses, balancing poses, backbends, forward folds, side bends, and twists are also included. This is a 45 minute yoga flow class (a little under 40 minutes of practice followed by a 5 minute Savasana).

If you would like a guided Savasana with music, use one of my videos on this channel. Click below:
Savasana (6 Minutes) Guided Deep Relaxation

Make sure you have a small towel or blanket to pad your knees if your knees are sensitive. You might need extra cushioning in our low lunges, kneeling poses, and floor stretches.

Hope you enjoy this video! Namaste 🙂

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